Sunday, May 06, 2007

Is Ignorance Truly Blissful?

My Mother would reply: "Yes, ignorance is bliss." God, that's so like her.Posted by Picasa
Artist JN (C)2005


  1. I guess you should be thankful that's not your Mother's Day card...

  2. Chanakin:
    I can't imagine my son ever thinking of me the way I think of my own mother.

    For his sake, and for my own, I went WAY out of my way to break the chain of horrors that my siblings and I endured in childhood:
    Ignorant Religious Zealots for parents, Violence, Racism, and Dysfunction at it's most Abusive.

    This blog is one of the safe places I have to bag on my mother...she's a multi-faceted thrill-a-minute ride through Hell, so there's tons of GREAT material there! I decided awhile ago to have wicked fun with all of that stuff instead of being a big cry-baby over it. It's working too; I feel fan-frigging-tastic!!!

  3. I don't understand, who is the piano falling on?

  4. I don't know ben...I think Chanakin thought possibly ME. When I saw it I thought of blissful ignorance...then my mother (associative memories) it made me laugh so I posted the little picture with the caption.

    This is far too serious for my blog. I try to keep it light...

    Do come back. :) Next post will be better.

  5. Thanks for the great warm welcom! :)

  6. Anytime Geoffrey, I hope you enjoy yourself and have lots of fun :)

  7. Now that I see you child is a fine artist too, maybe you can get me that llama drawing without lifting a finger and having him do his artiste thing in a wolly way ;-)

    It really is a drag being 'Too Faceless' in a virtual blogging world.

  8. Okay Llama, you've got a deal :) I'll tell him to sketch me a good Llama this weekend!

    See you soon with artwork!


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