Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Well hello all, it's been a long damned time hasn't it?

We've been side-tracked by major medical setbacks and other shit too crazy to go into, but we're still alive, back in the blogging saddle, and raring to go. Thanks for all the great emails and support during our hiatus.

For those of you who asked specific questions, Pamela has no more cancer and is back to her old self mentally, and will be physically in not too long! We're back online and pissing people off again, so BIG bonus there right? Yeah baby yeah! Life is good. (Gotta love Twitter!)

Our sister Veronica won't be showing up around the blog much now as she's busy doing nasty-time with her new squeeze. That skankity-skank took off with her neighbor's septic tank guy. Only a desperate pole hugger like Veronica would be dumb enough to fall for a guy who handles shit for a living. But seriously, we wish them the best of luck. They're gonna need it.

Sadly, we lost ALL of my followers when we switched to the new blogger system and moved things around. We hope to find all of you again somehow, because harassing you mercilessly has been great therapy for us. You all of took our abuse so almost brings a tear to one's eye. Almost.

We look forward to giving you hell once again and for a long time to come. Stop by soon and let us know you're still around!

Time for you to vacate now. Get the Fuck out. Ruby needs her Schlitz and Slim Jims and Pamela has some neighbors to harass.

~ Heartfelt bullshit and roses, xo Pamela


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